Saturday, 13 March 2010

VIDEO BLOG: Episode 2

Brian Capron, most famous for his role as "Norman Bates with a briefcase" psychopath Richard Hillman in Coronation Street, reveals the best way to approach named actors to help raise the profile of a production, and what drew him to the role of the Mayor in the indie film Ambleton Delight.

With footage from their auditions, other cast members discuss how to ensure these are effective, and how casting as close to type can be a critical factor.

All of this and more, such as finding funding sources, is contained in episode two of 'How to Make a Next-to-Nothing Budget Feature Film' a seven part weekly series that explores 40 key factors involved in low budget film production by means of interviews with principle members of cast and crew, excerpts from the award winning film Ambleton Delight and behind-the-scenes footage and photographs.

To watch it in HD, right click on the player and select 'Watch on YouTube' and then select 720HD from the dropdown menu on the lower right of the player.

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