Saturday, 6 March 2010

VIDEO BLOG: Episode 1

After winning the Best Film award at the British Independent Film Festival 2010, we have decided to celebrate by releasing a series of High Definition 'How to Make a Next-to-Nothing Budget Feature Film' videos in the weeks leading up to the presentation of the award on April 24th.

The 47 minute HD documentary has been divided into 7 episodes which will be released once a week during March and April 2010. Each video explores 40 vital factors involved in low budget film production by means of interviews with key members of cast and crew, excerpts from the film itself and behind-the-scenes footage and photographs.

To watch it in HD, right click on the player and select 'Watch on YouTube' and then select 720HD from the dropdown menu on the lower right of the player.

Here is the first episode.... Enjoy!


  1. Steven Donovan8 March 2010 at 18:44

    Wow, you folks set the bar HIGH.

    I found my way here via a post by director Dan Parkes in the "Techniques for Independent Production" thread of the DVinfo forums...

    ...which I had been perusing because I'm assessing the viability of embarking on a similar "next-to-nothing-budget" movie venture (my $10K almost identical to your 6000 pounds).

    You've given me a lot to think about.

    Mostly, encouraging, of course. But, to be honest, a tad intimidating as well.

    You've set the bar VERY high.

    This website is a reflection of the effort that obviously went into the making of your movie. I've seen other "making of" movie blogs, but none that so apparently reflect an attitude of doing the job right. The posts here are informative and well-written and - while I realize a primary function of such an undertaking is to (stealthily!) promote one's film - they are simultaneously inspiring.

    I only PRAY I can find people with the same level of devotion as your Producing Triumverate.

    I'll be back to check out more of your video tutorials. Until then

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Many thanks for your comment, Steve.

    We did set the bar high and it was very hard to achieve what we wanted.
    And the way we did it was not probably the best way so hopefully you can see "what not to do" as well!

    Understandably, meeting like-minded, committed people is probably the most difficult part...
    For your interest, three of us in the production team met through occasions irrelevant to making films, though we did make a couple of short films together before we launched into making a feature.

    So you never know when you meet right people to work with you in your film!

    All the best for your project,