Saturday, 17 April 2010

VIDEO BLOG: Episode 7

The final installment in the series covers CG effects that don't look CG, all-important product and logo clearance, free marketing ideas and tools, holding a successful premiere, and a concise summary of key ingredients and qualities in a successful next-to-nothing budget feature film.

All this and more in the seventh episode of the seven part series 'How to Make a Next-to-Nothing Budget Feature Film' exclusively on YouTube...


  1. Well, well.

    I left a comment after your introductory Episode #1, and will now leave a comment after this concluding Episode #7. By now, and not at all surprisingly, the comments are exactly the same:

    "You've set the bar VERY high."

    I still can't believe what you've been able to achieve with such a miniscule (some would say "non-existant") budget. Your cumulative professionalism is on display everywhere. Everything looks SO good: The videos, the website...

    ...and, of course, the film itself. Which brings us to a final comment:

    When will an admiring boy from the States get a chance to see the actual movie?

    I have a feeling that will really be the cherry on top of all this "AMBLETON DELIGHT".



  2. Many thanks for your comments Steve, we really appreciate that! Regarding seeing the film....that is of course the next natural stage and we will keep everyone posted on the distribution front (we've been approached by several US distributors). We have several options to choose... in fact enough for another final episode in the video series devoted to the art of selling a film... stay tuned!