Friday, 21 October 2011

Tip #94: Make your own DVD artwork

By Dan Parkes (Director/editor)

Carrying on from the earlier blogs regarding designing the film logo and poster and especially if you are looking at the option of self-distribution, you will need to look at designing and creating a DVD "wrap" and "on-body". One important thing to remember is that all artwork should be supplied for printing at a high resolution and at least 300dpi to ensure good print quality.

1. The DVD/Blu-Ray wrap
This is the cover that goes on the outside of the video box, normally underneath a thin film of plastic to protect it. The DVD wrap is often the film poster slightly altered to fit. The rear of the wrap contains some more information about the film, maybe a synopsis and technical details.

Here is the official DVD wrap for our film Ambleton Delight -notice the 3mm bleed around the edges (click to enlarge):

One thing to note is that the wrap for Bluray boxes is slightly smaller. Here is the Ambleton Bluray wrap (click to enlarge):

To help, we are here providing some templates you can use:

Here is a template for creating a DVD wrap (right/control click to save) as a Photoshop file and PDF.

Here is a template for creating a BluRay wrap (right/control click to save) as a Photoshop file and PDF.

2. The DVD/Bluray onbody
The "onbody" refers to the actual DVD or Blu-ray circular disc itself and what is printed on its surface. The size doesn't change for either the DVD or Blu-ray, but you need to remember that there is a hole in the middle which may affect the design layout.

Here is the official Ambleton Delight on-body (click to enlarge):
And here is a template for creating one yourself (right/control click to save) as a Photoshop file.

3. DVD symbol
This is a common trap a lot of filmmakers fall into -using the official DVD symbol. In reality you cannot use the DVD and Blu-ray logos without permission, as permission requires a license and quality control. For more information check this website:

So to make things easier, feel free to use our own logos for free (click to enlarge):Or you can download the Photoshop files (right/control click to save) here: DVD logo and BR logo.

For information on DVD masters check here and for some tips on duplication and replication of your DVD, check our earlier blog here.

If you find any broken links or file format issues please let us know here.


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