Friday, 2 September 2011

Tip #81: Design a film logo

By Dan Parkes

Creating a film logo is an important aspect of the branding and marketing of any film. Once the name of the film has been established beyond a working title then selecting a suitable font and look is important, as this may dictate such things as the look of the opening titles and closing credits, the film poster, website and DVD wrap and menu artwork.

It does not have to be as complex as you may think. Some film title artwork is very basic -simply the choice of a suitable font. Others can also include subtle imagery, such as the puppet hand in The Godfather title. Or you can use badges or crests or use 3D art work to create depth. And don't forget the importance of colour - the colour could end up becoming a means of branding the entire film. Just make sure your design does not lead viewers to think the film is of a certain genre that it isn't.

In the case of Ambleton Delight, since the word 'Ambleton' is ficticious we decided to create it in the look of a village sign, indicating that it is in fact the name of the village.

For inspiration, notice how these recent film logos indicate the nature/genre of the film and become an important part of the branding:

Here are two excellent websites to get further inspiration and information:

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  1. Another tip...don't ever use Microsoft Word clipart or Wordart unless you really want to create that particular look... it might be quick and easy but it will look terrible!:-)